Third activity (Nov,2012) report

The supportive place was "Sorrizo" which is an unauthorized childcare facility in Fukushima-shi,Fukushima Prefecture. 
We found that there are some places where it is difficult to receive the relief supplies.

We tried to understand the present conditions of Fukushima from the information provided by "Sorrizo", and diffused it by Internet to collect contributions.(got ¥30,301)
We turned it into the necessary supplies(Mask and antiseptic .etc.) and the missing articles.
And we sent lots of handmade goods to "Sorrizo" from our supporters.
We also received some relief supplies from overseas(U.S.,Argentina and Korea).

 1st Support (Arrival :2012.11.8 )

disinfectant , paper towel, disposable diaper, flour cray,  etc

  2nd Support (Arrival :2012.11.30 )
handmade crystal bright , handmade cloth ball, ecology brush, calender,  etc

  3rd Support (Arrival :2012.12.7 )
handmade hat, post card, place mat, picture book,  etc

* Each postage was donated from Ailink and Kayon.<Donation> Total ¥30,301

A.S                              (Nagano, Japón)
N.S                              (Nagano, Japón)
Eri Tabe                       (Fukushima, Japón)
Sanuka                        (Tokio, Japón)
Korehito                       (Taiwán)
Shinomu                      (Tokio, Japón)
Souichiro Ito                 (Nagano, Japón)
Mika Miura                   (Tokio, Japón)
Mao                             (Tokio, Japón)
erica                            (Ibaraki, Japón)
Kiyo                             (Tokio, Japón)
Hiromi Komine              (Tokio, Japón)
SAKURA                      (Chiba, Japón)
Kayon(from LAMP)       (Argentina)

We bought some relief supplies from the donation
as explained in more depth below.

(350 adults, 500 children)         3,568 yen
Disinfectant (250ml × 4)                       2,492 yen
Paper towel (200 × 10 boxes)              1,087 yen
Notebooks to draw (12)                           788 yen
Crayons (20 colors × 3)                        1,581 yen
Drawing Papers (45)                               875 yen
Paper Balloons                                       416 yen
Cards 997yen
Prepaid card for books                          5,000 yen
Sri Lanka Textile  Project's Products   14,000 yen (Price solidarity)
<Paper for Origami(5×16), Place mat(12)>

Total ¥30,804 
*Ailink donated the diference(503 yen).


Rei Aoyama (Tokyo, Japan)--- Diapers,Diapers for water play
Kengo Yoshida (Iwate, Japan) --- Masks for adult
Takayuki Yoshida Saori Yoshida (Fukuoka, Japan) --- Flour cray, Food reds
George Iida (USA) --- Stickers,
Bobby pin
, Candles, etc.
erica and Kururi (Tokyo, Japan) --- Postcards
Kiyo (Tokyo, Japan) --- Handmade cloth balls
Mieko Suzuki (Shizuoka, Japan) --- Towels, Postcards, Stickers, etc.
Kernel Mariko (Tokyo, Japan) --- Washcloth (acrylic craft), Book "AHO sanpo"
Akkina Ichinari (Kumamoto, Japan) --- Chocolate Carender, Cookies, Christmas ornaments
Central Pharmacy, S.A. (Tokyo, Japan) --- Notebook
Illustrator and creator Masumi --- Handmade crystals bright , Angel Postcards
Azu & Friends (Shizuoka, Japan) --- handmade ornaments, etc
rawumber plus hat --- Handmade caps
Yuta Sugihara (South Korea) --- T-shirts by Sri Lanka Textile Projecto
Ayako Nakano --- Chalk art boad "Sorriso"
@ you (from LAMP) --- AHO dolls
Ailink (from LAMP) ---
Book "AHO sanpo", Postcards
T Ikeda (Tokyo, Japan) --- Book "AHO sanpo"
Cabrillo Beach House's Setsuko --- Imformated on her website

Thank you for your cooperation.


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