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Tomodachi AHOsanpo's WA project
Host : LAMP  
Representer : Ailink (Japan) / Kayon (Other countries)

This is a project to provide reconstruction support for Tohoku (areas affected by 2011 March's Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami).
It was launched by LAMP, which is a group of various kinds of creators.
We hope to broaden our network of "friends" and support activities with our creative works,and we would like to build ties among people and develop links of international friendship.

※ the title means,...

Tomodachi : Friend
AHO : mascot of this project
sanpo : walk
WA : circle of friends

【About AHO】

AHO is an original doll born by @you(ayuu:AHO creator) and was exhibited in 2008.
"AHO" is made by combining each first letter of the words "Ayu's Handmade Oningyo(dolls)."
Ailink(photographer) and @you held a collaborative exhibition "AHO sanpo" in 2009.
Ailink published her independently produced picture book "AHO sanpo" (@you added the story.)in 2010.
We have donated this book "AHO sanpo" and "AHO dolls" to children in disaster-stricken areas along with other supportive activity (as following reports).

Prologue of AHO
They are called AHO.
They are foolish.
They are silly,easygoing and goofy.
Even so,
They love themselves.
They know who they really are.
They want to be themselves.
They live their lives naturally.
They also love and love to be loved back.
AHO were born from these concepts and passion.
Thank you.


Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we began thinking about what we can do "Now".
We aim to expand our circle of friends with people of all nationalities and races for world peace and smile of children.

◆We donate our original picture book "AHO sanpo" to children in the affected areas.
"AHO" is original doll and the mascot of this project,which were made by @you(LAMP's doll creator) .
※The printing cost is covered by charitable contributions called by Internet. You can see the book's content and buy it at cost by INET.

AHOさんぽ 〜 Japanese 〜
AHOさんぽ 〜 English 〜
AHOさんぽ 〜 Español 〜

◆We support mainly for "children" in nurseries and kindergartens of the disaster-stricken areas.

◆We update our blog and project page of Facebook with information in some languages(Japanese,English and more).
<Facebook> http://www.facebook.com/TomodachiAhoSanposWaProject
<blog> http://ahosanpo.blogspot.com

We disclose public details about "the current state of the disaster-stricken areas" and "relief supplies from supporters", and ask for understanding and cooperation. We also think about what we can do "Now".

<Other countries>
◆We accept relief supplies and contribution from overseas during activity period.
We are also considering a charitable activity of orphanage and Japanese school,which is returning the favors we have received from overseas to Tohoku with sincere gratitude.

【Activity period】
At random times. According to the situation,we respond to our supportive place.
We worked 3 times,March,June and November in 2012.
We'll announce about our plans on Facebook and blog.

◆First activity (Mar.2012)
We participated in "HUG&READ project" which is sending picture-book to children in disaster-stricken areas hosted by the picture-book specialty shop,Crayon House.
We donated 25 copies of our original picture book "AHO sanpo" which were printed from donations(¥50,100) by our supporters.

◆Second activity (June,2012)
Ailink and two supporters visited a childcare center "Orange" opened by "Fair Trade Tohoku"(NPO) in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture.
We donated the handmade goods from various creators, our original picture book "AHO sanpo" and AHO dolls.
And we also visited the areas which were heavily-damaged by tsunami in Ishinomaki and Onagawa.

◆Third activity (Nov,2012)
The supportive place was "Sorrizo" which is an unauthorized childcare facility in Fukushima-shi,Fukushima Prefecture. 
We found that there are some places where it is difficult to receive the relief supplies.

We tried to understand the present conditions of Fukushima from the information provided by "Sorrizo", and diffused it by Internet to collect contributions.(got ¥30,301)
We turned it into the necessary supplies(Mask and antiseptic .etc.) and the missing articles.
And we sent lots of handmade goods to "Sorrizo" from our supporters.
We also received some relief supplies from overseas(U.S.,Argentina and Korea).

◆Sri Lanka Textile Project
(Sri Lankan children can make changes to their village through textiles)
◆rawumber plus hat  (custom-made hat label)

【Special Thanks】
- Art products-
◆Angel Masumi  (Illustrator)
◆Ayako Nakano  (Chalk Art Artist)
◆toco foods 
- Book "AHO sanpo" Translation-
◆Mami Goda  (French)
- Book "AHO sanpo" Native language check-
◆Chelsea Ewing (English)
◆Mónica Difulvio (Spanish)

Tomodachi AHOsanpo's WA project
Representer : Ailink(Japan) / Kayon(Other countries)

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