Fourth activity report・accounting report (June,2013)

As on the previous occasions,the supportive place is "Sorrizo" located in Fukushima-shi,Fukushima Prefecture.
We sent "chalk art board" and relief supplies(mainly handmade one)  from our supporters to "Sorrizo".

(June 10,2013  nursery "Sorrizo")

●【Chalk art boad "Sorriso"】
   ・・・Chalk Art Painter : Ayako Nakano(Tokyo,Japan)

●【Handmade cloth balls
   ・・・Kiyo(Tokyo,Japan)& AILINK (from LAMP)

●【Handmade scrunchies・Kleenex cases・triangular hairpins・hair elastics】
 ・・・Rei Aoyama・Kernel Mariko・La France Yuki(Tokyo,Japan)

●【Handmade Washcloth(acrylic craft)・plastic bottle cases
 ・・・Rei Aoyama's grandmother(Tokyo,Japan)

●【Handmade hair elastics with covered button・・・Non(Nagano,Japan)

●【Fresh juices】・・・NO-JIN(Nagano,Japan)
(web) http://no-jin.jp

●【Letter from AHO】

●【Collaboration between children and AHO】
・・・illustration:Mari,Leo,Ale(Argentina),graphic design:Kayon(from LAMP)

●【Photo of supporters

【special thanks】
● Sri lanka Textile Project (donation for our project, offered fabrics)
● Ayako Nakamura (advice for the flow of money)

Thank you for your cooperation.

The 4th Accounting report of support activity

(For the period from June 1, 2013 to June 10, 2013)

Text Amount(¥) Remarks column

Support funding 3,900 From Sri Lanka Textile Project

Total Income 3,900

Shipping 1,060

Total Expenditure 1,060

Net surplus from income over expenditures for this term 2,840

Amount brought forward 0

Burden of expense 0

Carry forward to the next term 2,840

In charge of this project, I have examined the report of support activity.

June 16, 2013


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