First activity (Mar.2012) report

We participated in "HUG&READ project" which is sending picture-book to children in disaster-stricken areas hosted by the picture-book specialty shop,Crayon House.
We donated 25 copies of our original picture book "AHO sanpo" which were printed from donations(¥50,100) by our supporters.

Souichirou Ito  (Nagano,Japan)
Eri Tabe  (Fukushima,Japan)
Mao  (Tokyo, Japan)
Sanupi  (Tokyo,Japan)
Shinomu  (Dream World)
Korihito  (Taiwan)
Takayama  (Tokyo,Japan)
Kiyosan  (Noshiogi,Japan)
Mariko Kinoshita (Ibaraki, Japan)
Yuna Fujii  (Nagano,Japan)
Ayako Nakamura (Nagano, Japan)

Mika Miura  (Tokyo,Japan)
Akkina  (Kumamoto,Japan)
erica  (Ibaraki,Japan)
fumichap  (Tokyo,Japan)
Kengo Yoshida  (Iwate,Japan)
Kito & Chiko  (Tokyo,Japan)
Dan (Tokyo,Japan)

Thank you for your cooperation.


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